Booking Terms

Hyde Park Guest House STO Terms

Standard STO rates applied to tour operators, booking agencies and travel agents as follows:

1 – 5 bed nights per month 10% discount off rack rate

6 – 9 bed nights per month 15% discount off rack rate

10 + bed nights per month 20% discount off rack rate




RATES QUOTED ARE:  Per room per night,  inclusive of breakfast and 15% VAT (subject to change) Quoted in South African Rand (ZAR), Subject to change without prior notice, Exclusive of the tourism levy of 1% of the nightly room rate (subject to change), Rates are nett, non-commissionable and subject to availability.

General Terms and Conditions;

Accommodation prices are in South African Rand (R)
Accommodation prices are single or per person sharing per night and inclusive of 15% VAT. A tourism levy is not applicable.
Any increase in VAT rates subsequent to the conclusion of the contract is at the expense of the guest.
HPGH is not obliged to accept foreign currency. Should any party or employee of the guesthouse accept foreign currency, then the daily exchange rates for the transaction shall be calculated using the guesthouse’s nominated bank as a reference, with a 2% (two percent) handling fee added.
Should HPGH accept payment from a foreign bank account through SWIFT transfers, any transaction costs are to be paid by the tour operator/agency.
Accommodation and services provided are subject to availability at the time of the booking. HPGH reserves the right to limit block-out dates during peak demand periods that affect the occupancy of the property.
HPGH's public rates are commissionable.
STO rates are nett and non-commissionable.
HPGH reserves the right to amend the rates accordingly should the Government change the VAT percentage.
HPGH Reserves the right to amend its policies, terms, and conditions for bookings, without reasonable notice.
The Tour Operator/Booking and Travel Agent or their client may not publish any rate of the product that is below the public rate unless the price is hidden within a package.
An individual booking is 1 to 9 pax. A group booking is 10 pax or more.


Any amount due to HPGH will be payable as follows:

All payments are due in full upon arrival of the guest or upon billing to the tour operator, travel agent, or corporate. 
Provisional bookings with no deposit will be cancelled 30 days before arrival.
A 50% deposit is payable upon confirmation of your reservation. Balance payable 21 days before arrival.
Group Bookings (10 pax or more): a non-refundable deposit may be requested, and a specially negotiated cancellation policy will apply to any bookings which exceed 25% of our capacity.
For group bookings: modifications i.e., room changes, the number of guests travelling should be communicated 30 days prior to arrival.


Any bookings made between one (1) and seven (7) days prior to service requires full payment.
If the payment terms are not adhered to then the public rates will apply.
Should the deposit/prepayment not be received within the time frame specified;
HPGH reserves the right to cancel the reservation and apply our cancellation terms.
Group bookings (10 pax +) : the final rooming list should be provided 30 days prior to the arrival date.
In certain instances, HPGH reserves the right to increase the amount of prepayment required and the period relating to deposit due dates.
We regret no bill-back accounts/credit facilities are not available.


Please note that all cancellations are only effective once confirmed in writing.

Guests making travel and booking arrangements with HPGH must have their own personal or business travel insurance to support any cancellation or curtailment of their booking. 

If the accommodation is not taken up, HPGH will have the right to deem the amounts due in lieu of the cancellation penalties and, in addition, have the right to release reservations where deposit and/or payment is not made on the due date.

HPGH reserves the right to amend deposit requirements during peak periods.

Standard Cancellation Policy:

No Shows: 100% of the full amount payable.

Cancellations within 0 – 7 days of date of arrival: 100% payable.

Cancellations within 8 – 21 days of date of arrival: 50% of full amount payable.

Cancellations within 22 – 30 days of date of arrival: 30% of full amount payable.

No refunds for late check-in/arrival or early check-out.

No refunds for services not used.

Please note that all refunds are subject to commission and/or bank charges.

Group bookings: a non-refundable deposit may be requested, and a specially negotiated cancellation policy will apply to any bookings which exceed 25% of our capacity.

For Large Groups, 6+ rooms refunds will only be given once the specific room(s) is rented out again for the same dates/season and for the full duration.



Travel insurance: General, Covid-19, extenuating circumstances:

HPGH has been extremely accommodating during the past 20 months in as far as extenuating circumstances and Covid-19 cancellations and refunds are concerned. Guests are advised that after the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, the extenuating circumstances no longer apply, COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected. Carefully review our cancellation policy when booking and consider taking out comprehensive travel insurance including cover for any COVID-19 related circumstances.

HPGH's cancellation terms and conditions apply for any reason for cancellation including those listed below;

The South African Government imposes a travel ban and guests are unable to travel. 
The Government in the guest’s country of origin (or transit country) imposes a travel ban and guests are unable to travel. 
The South African Government or the Government in the guest’s country of origin imposes a mandatory quarantine and therefore guests are unable or unwilling to travel. 
Guest is prevented from boarding a flight on account of health screening. 
A guest has contracted COVID-19 and is under treatment or in quarantine or under medical treatments and therefore cannot travel.